I' ll Be There.....

无 尽 的 等 待

I'll be back in eight months!!!

I miss you so much...My dear friends on the Internet...!
But I have to study hard to get good marks in the tests, I can not surf the Internet on weekdays.
Please don't forget me...
I'm sure I'll be back eight months later!!
Besides,I'm looking forward to the concert so much.It's on Oct.2,and it'll be a wonderful show.
I can see TVXQ with my own eye...I love them forever.I will always keep my faith and trust them...
I am busy with my work so it's time for reading books and reciting text again.
I feel so tired but I must not give up.
I hope I can go to the best school.
My English is poor...Please do not laugh at me=-=>>>
I can not type in Chinese now because of my computer = =!
Thanks for reading. I love U
_SYH Vicky/小
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